A Collection Of Controversial Ethics Essay Topics

If you need to come up with some really great controversial ethics essay topics, than you will find this article very useful. This kind of topic is really good for discussion and arguments and you can write a really good paper with it. The most difficult part is picking the right topic that will get you a really good grade. Writemyessay.today here to help you with that, so here are the best controversial ethics essay topics for you:

  1. Abortion
  2. This is a really great topic since there are many opinions on it. Every person has own thoughts about it and we are sure that you do too. You can list a few pro and contra arguments and make a conclusion out of it.

  3. Death penalty
  4. Explore this topic and take a look at the past and how people were punished for crimes. Compare it to the 21st century and how people are punished now. List some arguments for and against this kind of punishment.

  5. Animal Testing
  6. You can think about your own opinion on animal testing and if it is the right thing to do. List your arguments.

  7. Adoption
  8. Is this the right thing to do. Many people can't have kids and they would like to be able to raise a child. List your arguments and provide examples.

  9. Plastic Surgery
  10. Is this the right thing to do or is this something personal that people shouldn't discuss? Is it right to change the way we are and look?

  11. Taking pills
  12. People are able to take pills for any kind of problem, but is this right? Should people find a cure in the nature and avoid the chemicals?

  13. Euthanasia
  14. This topic is always discussed and you can take advantage of it. List arguments and different points of view.

  15. Immigration
  16. It is an accurate topic and you can tell your opinion on this one too.

  17. Gay marriage
  18. You can talk about the different opinions about it and how people react to this kind of relationships. List some arguments and talk about your point of view.

  19. Vegetarianism
  20. Some people are really promoting vegetarianism every day and they talk about how wrong it is to eat the meat of animals, but is that right or is it a personal thing? Talk about some examples and list your arguments. Give your opinion on this topic in the conclusion

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