Suggestions On How To Do A Reflection Essay Properly

Everyone has personal reflections once in a while. Writing a reflection essay is therefore as simple as putting these thought in to writing but in a more focused and organized manner. A good discourse must have a topic of discussion and a thesis statement. Most of the times, students are required to do a reflection on a certain course or topic. Even though this is not supposed to be a challenge, some still find close to impossible to do a personal evaluation of the subject despite having had an experience. Do you know what it means to be an eye witness in an event? You narrate the unfolding of events according to what you personally saw, heard and experienced and the impact that the events had on you. This means that it is impossible to narrate on behalf of another person. This is because you may not know exactly what they felt or the magnitude of impact on them. Writing a reflective discourse is not any different from giving an eye witness account in terms of the surety of the details.

Are you still feeling inadequate to come up with a winning reflective essay? Well, everybody feels inadequate unless they get to the actual writing and actually prove that they can do it. You want to have things easy? Just think of organized story telling with an academic tone for that is what discourse writing is about. However, before you imagine that you are all set to go, check the following hints to get insight on how to go about a reflective discourse writing exercise

  • Do a brainstorm: This involves analysis of all the ideas, personal opinions and any other expressions that you have concerning a particular subject. Making a reflective narration can be quite exciting and if you are not careful you can have so much to say but end up saying none of it. Focus: know what you want to say and how you want to say it. With so many exciting points and observations to put across, you will need to narrow down your thinking. This enables you to bring out an exact narration with neither shortages nor excesses.
  • Remain professional: It is easy to get lost in the emotions of reflective discourse writing. This is because you are supposed to give a feedback on how a particular subject has impacted you as a person. Be careful to maintain an academic or professional tone so that you don’t miss the objectives. Remember this is an academic paper and not just any other kind that allows you to say anything anyhow.
  • Formulate necessary questions: A standard essay is usually done from a point of asking and answering relevant questions. If you do not have specific questions that you are trying to answer by the end of the discourse, you are likely to go round in circles. Questions help you to focus and stick to the theme. Think of your conclusion: In any academic paper, the conclusion is very important. Do not just do a free style conclusion. Even as you allow your unfolding thoughts to determine the end, you must take control of your work.

Reflective discourses are not impossible but for you to nail it right on, you must remember to freely express yourself in a professional way.

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