Completing A Top-Level Critical Reflection Essay Effectively

Writing a critical reflection essay calls for an open discussion that only presents facts without manipulating the end. It is therefore a combination of free thinking and a critical evaluation of a particular subject. It mainly involves an expression of your own feelings and sentiments about a particular subject. It could be an event or a topic especially one that the tutor has handled recently. Critical reflection will require you to let your own thoughts to be known yet still maintain a tone that would be considered academic. The topic of discussion is either allocated to you by your instructor or you are given the freedom to choose one for yourself. Whichever the case, you must ensure that you write from point of personal experience and not just general views. Students who naturally have problems expressing themselves in real life usually find such discourses difficult. However, academic writing has preset guidelines and formats on how to handle different papers and this makes it easier. By following the guidelines below, you will be able to come up with a top notch critical reflection discourse

  • Get the topic: If you are allowed to choose a topic of your interest, then good for you. However, in the event where the tutor selects a topic for you, you must seek to personally connect with the subject. Dig deep to understand your feelings on the same. In writing such a discourse, you must be able to appeal both to your emotional and intellectual faculties. This is the only way you can do a critical analysis on a case.
  • Formulate your thesis: A thesis statement is supposed to capture the main ideas of analysis. What are you reflecting on and what are your main points from where your criticism emanates? It should be brief and clear.
  • Structure: Like any other academic paper, a critical reflection essay must have a proper structure. The structure should allow room for your thoughts to evolve systematically in a manner that will not lose the reader. Get information on how to properly structure this kind of a paper either from the internet or any other reliable source.
  • Order your thought: The freedom to express your thoughts and feelings on a particular subject can excite you to the point of disorder. If you are not careful, it is possible to present disorderly thoughts that will not serve the purpose of the reflections. To avoid such calamities therefore, be careful to form a mental picture of what you should say and the sound of it.

By now critical reflective essay writing should be a demystified case on your part. The next time you receive such a challenge from your tutor you should do justice to the topic since you have what it takes.

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