A List Of Critical Thinking Essay Topics To Choose From

Writing a critical essay can really be a fun experience when you know how to approach it. There are many things you should keep in mind, but one important thing is, that a critical essay can be positive or negative. You simply evaluate something from your point of view and you give a real and objective opinion on it. But, another thing you have to consider, is the topic. In order to pick the best possible topic, we decided to help you and give you some ideas!

  1. Changing the gender
  2. This topic has many different opinions and you can discuss it in your own way. Give some realistic arguments and examples in order to be able to conclude it. Talk about different problems of it, but also the people that decide to make this move and how they benefit from it.

  3. Book
  4. You can use a book that you've read and write a critic on it. Think about what you like and what you don't like about it.

  5. Sports and drug use
  6. You can write many arguments on this one and do the research for it in order to get some important information and examples.

  7. Adoption
  8. This is a great topic you can use to discuss it and take a critical look at it. Is it right or not and list your arguments for every opinion.

    5. Store's strategies that influence consumers

    Consumers are always right, but store's often use some strategies that can fool the consumer and make him buy a product he doesn't need. Is that the right thing to do? List some arguments, benefits and disadvantages.

  9. Advertisements
  10. There are many advertisements that we can see everyday. Some of them are not talking about the main idea and they use psychology to influence people. Talk about those and if this is a good thing.

  11. Video games and influence on children
  12. There are many video games that are available for children and many parents don't even think about the influence they might have on them. Some parents don't have time to control their children and video games can do a lot of harm. Give an objective opinion and try to list some important facts.

  13. Euthanasia
  14. This topic is really good because you can find a lot of information and examples. It is also hard to tell if it is the right thing to do or not, because every person has his point of view. Try to think about the different opinions and if this is right or not. Find examples that will support arguments.

  15. Fashion and it's influence on people
  16. It is hard to be unique and have own style because the fashion industry has many influences and social media also influences people and their taste. Talk about the different influences and if people are building their own style or a style based on what they see on the screen. Is this turning into a future problem that people will face?

  17. Climate change
  18. Talk about the climate change and it's effects on the environment. Why is it happening? Can it stop and how do people behave when it comes to it, since people are participating in this problem, often without realizing it. Try to find examples and list your arguments.

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