Recommendations On How To Write A Critical Thinking Essay

Are you a critical thinker? If yes, then you might have it easy in composing a critical thinking essay. However, not all critical thinkers get it right when it comes to composing a discourse that requires them to do what they do best. You could probably be wondering what the reasons for such paradoxes are. Well, here is why; thinking critically is one thing and writing a discourse on the act of thinking is completely a different thing. In fact, people who get too critical in every matter end up missing the simple but very essential things in writing. If you are not careful enough, you can miss it at the structure level or even the very organization of your thoughts and ideas. An argument must be presented with the highest degree of simplicity and open minded otherwise something will be lost. One thing about this kind of writing is that you start an argument without a premeditated end. This means that you only allow the direction of your thought pattern to determine the end. With this in mind, the following guidelines will bring out a more accurate picture of a critical thinking essay.

  1. Introduction: This is an explanation of the topic. Make it clear and precise without making any prepositions. Your introducing paragraph should be weighty enough to bring the reader to attention.
  2. Body: This is supposed to be made up of short self explanatory paragraphs which are more appealing than long hectic ones. This is the section that judges whether you had gathered enough information for the discourse. Present a proper discussion of the main issues vividly explaining your position on the subject yet leaving room for any necessary changes. The possibility of changing your mind on issues makes this kind of a discourse quite flexible.
  3. Conclusion: This is simply a wrap up of the whole paper. In this section, you can refer to your main points without introducing any new ideas. A good conclusion mainly includes answers to the relevant questions.

In a critical thinking essay, you should have the main objective as learning and rather not giving proves to something you already know. If the latter is your case, then you will have lost the essence of a critical thinking discourse which is supposed to be open. As the writing progresses, your arguments will freely unfold to give the discourse the perfect shape without manipulation.

Even though a critical thinking discourse slightly differs from others in the sense that the end is not known from the start, it is not necessarily difficult. You will only be required to keep an open mind and navigate your arguments freely so that your discourse can decide its own ending.

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