How to Make Essay Writing Easier: 5 Hints you Should Definitely Try

Essay writing is a skill you can learn and perfect with practice. Take advantage of this opportunity to shine; It is an intellectual exercise any you are required to craft thoughtful arguments on difficult topics.

Build your vocabulary

Good vocabulary lets you express yourself in the right manner. All good papers economize words since readers don’t want to waste time reading long points that could have been expressed using fewer words. So to communicate clearly, make use of advanced vocabulary. However, don’t use big words in any manner or else you’ll sound pompous.

Read other papers

Books help you mound your writing style. Read other people’s essays to build and develop your style. You can read documents covering different subjects instead of limiting yourself to the ones you study. This is because different styles or arguments are applied in various disciplines, so the more you read, the more you learn new techniques.

While reading such assignments, you need to be critical. Is there something you like? Are they persuasive? Is the argument balanced? Do the points have supporting evidence? Has the author used a technique you haven’t seen before?

You may also read the ones in newspapers too. Go through the opinion pieces and note how the essay writer supports his or her points with evidence.

Tone, punctuation, and syntax

Probably you already have a certain tone for writing the task. Is it engaging and exciting? You have to sound formal but not boring. Be confident, and the reader will realize that you know what you are talking about.

Sophisticated sentences will make you sound intelligent. Make use of interesting syntax where possible but make sure it isn’t difficult for the reader to understand. Also, avoid using the passive voice a lot.

Quote other authors

An assignment gives you the chance to show how widely you read. Be sure to cite opinions of others and their original sources while writing. But do not quote too much. Consider mixing your own opinions with citations, so you don’t hide your beliefs.

Use the right words to develop an argument

If you want to sound intelligent in your paper, don’t repeat yourself. Use the language effectively to build your case while creating a sense of structure. Avoid using same words often; most people tend to overuse “also,” “for example” and much more. Vary your language by using words like “furthermore,” “moreover” and “however.” These words assist in developing your argument, and the readers will feel like you are guiding them through the problems to the conclusion.

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