Composing An Excellent Critical Thinking Essay

In a critical essay, you basically evaluate information and talk about the advantages and disadvantages of it, in an objective way. Everything leads to a conclusion where you have to sum it up and make a clear point. In order to write this kind of paper, you have to explore many sources and find information that will help you to make some arguments and state some facts. You have to do research and find examples that will support your argument. Make sure to do that before writing. However, here are some more tips you can use when writing a critical thinking essay, that will get you an excellent grade!

This is the part where you introduce your topic and you make some statements about it. Explain some terms and attract the attention of the reader. You also provide background information that helps the reader to understand your main point. The sentences are short but clear. You should leave the last sentence for the thesis statement. You show your position and how you think about the topic. You can also ask a question or state a problem. Make sure to list the things you are going to mention in the text and what will be discussed. This way, you will have an outline, that you can follow and that will also add to the structure of the paper.

You basically answer the question or problem from the introduction, that leads to discussion. You have to show your knowledge and if you understand the problem you are discussing. Make sure to have more sections and paragraphs that will emphasize a certain point. You should also have a structure and have the main thesis statement. There is the central idea which should be argumented. You can use the information you gathered from the research in order to support your arguments. Find some useful examples and quotes that will serve as evidence. Finish this part with a concluding sentence that will lead to the conclusion. We will now come to this part.

Now you can answer to the question you asked in the introduction. You basically restate your point and make sure that you conclude it. Go back to the main thesis and try to find a solution for it. Talk about the most important examples and evidence that prove your argument and conclusion. Talk about how important your findings are and what they mean for the whole paper and analysis. You can also talk about if there are other concerns that can't be solved yet, but may be in the future and how you would solve it. If there are any suggestions you can give, than make sure to do that in the conclusion. Everything should match with the introduction, because this is the part where you have stated the problem or the main thesis. You have to conclude it so that the reader know exactly what your aim was. Good luck!

  • The introduction
  • The main part
  • The conclusion

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